Rudolf Huber wrote:
Hallo Andrew,

thanks for the prompt answer. Instead of

                               Tabelle31 = oTabellenListe.getByIndex(1)

I coded

                                 Print oTabellenListe.getCount()
Print oTabellenDokument.getSheets().getCount() Tabelle31 = oTabellenDokument.getSheets().getByIndex(1)

the macro handled both printing statements.

And what did they print? My guess is that they both printed the valued 1. Is this correct? Is this the value that you expected?

The statement for Tabelle31 is not executed anymore; the system throws an indexoutofboundexception. The sheet itself does not show on the buttom the sheet-id-numbers Tabelle11 und Tabelle31, but Tabelle1. One line below, the sheet shows Tabelle1/1. Maybe the code for ThisComponent and lockcontrollers is incorrect?

I am not sure what you are saying. Are you implying that you are not referencing the correct document?



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Rudolf Huber wrote:

the following sequence leads to an "indexoutofboundexception". In the beginning I have the opening statements:
    Dim Desktop As Object
    Dim Platzhalter()
    Dim Url As String
Dim oTabellenDokument As Object Rem the entire Document Dim oTabellenListe As Object Rem Collection of sheets Dim Tabelle11 As Object Rem sheet Dim Tabelle31 As Object Rem sheet
thereafter a little further down: :

    oTabellenDokument = ThisComponent
    EndSpalte = ZellenBereich.EndColumn
    EndZeile = ZellenBereich.EndRow
    Desktop = CreateUnoService("")
    Url = "file:///a:/test.ods"
oTabellenDokument = Desktop.loadComponentFromURL(Url, "_blank", 0, Platzhalter())
    oTabellenListe = oTabellenDokument.getSheets()
    Tabelle11  = oTabellenListe.getByIndex(0)

again further down, the table Tabelle31 throughs the index-error:
    Tabelle31 = oTabellenListe.getByIndex(1)

Up version 2.4 I had no problem with a structure like this. Now, I have version ooO 3. The table-collection oTabellenListe should allow various sheets, however, macro stops after one table. In the sheet itself Tabelle1 in the beginning; after the url the second sheet shows Tabelle1/1. Neither Tabelle11 nor the Tabelle31 - which I coded - appear on the sheet. I do not know, why the macro ignores the definitions for the tables Tabelle11 und Tabelle31.

You said that more than one sheet exists in the document. What happens if you do this?

Print oTabellenListe.getCount()
Print oTabellenDokument.getSheets().getCount()
Tabelle31 = oTabellenDokument.getSheets().getByIndex(1)

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