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Hi Fernand,

I hope Frank is still there :-)

forcing me to answer your mails this way won't work forever :)
Please do not see it as "forcing" where the hell sould i find the information who is apparently only in your head ??
But i understood alsoo your point,  I will never do it again :-)

I Try to change the column format in a Data Source Browser
I used following code with no suces, the Formatkey off the column properties is changed but no visual changes

    oModel = oDataSourcebrowser.com_sun_star_awt_XTabController_getModel

oMOdel.columns.getbyname("docdat").setpropertyvalue("FormatKey",2) ' 2 = DATE

Try omitting the "columns". What you access here is the *database
column*, not the *grid column*.

That is, oModel is an css.sdb.RowSet, which is a ResultSet, which
provides the XColumnsSupplier interface, giving you access to the single
columns of this result set. Those columns also support a FormatKey
property, but the grid columns are not expected to react on their changes.

On the other hand, "oModel.getByName( <gridcolumnname> )" would give you
the *grid column*. Usually, every grid column is bound to a result set
column (in that it fetches from and stores to this result set column).
Upon creating the grid column and binding it to a result set column, the
FormatKey from the latter is transferred to the former, but there's no
life connection.

So, a
  oModel.getByName( <gridcolname >).setPropertyValue( "FormatKey", 2 )
for  the completness: your omodel  is
   oModel = oDataSourcebrowser.com_sun_star_awt_XTabController_getModel
   oGridModel = omodel.getbyindex(0)

and for who wanted to force the format to the "local" version :
    oSupp = oGridModel.getbyName(mydatecolumni).FormatsSupplier
    Dim aLocale as new, oCell1 as Object, _
    aLocale.Language = "ne"
     aLocale.Country = "BE"
sFormat = "DD/MM/YY" ' or wathever other version of the date formats;...... vFormatKey = oSupp.getNumberFormats().queryKey (sFormat, aLocale, TRUE)
   vFormatkey = oSupp.getNumberFormats().addNew ( sFormat, aLocale )
oGridMOdel.getbyName(mydatecolumn).setpropertyvalue("FormatKey",vFormatkey) next i


should do.


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