Frank Schönheit schrieb:
Hi Michael,

so i thought, what the heck is UNO_SET_THROW?
it seems to do the same thing as UNO_QUERY_THROW, except it does not query, it only checks for NULL. hmm, according to opengrok's mere 50 results, i'm not the only one who never heard of it...

I know that hardly anybody cares about *announcing* interface
changes/extensions in interface-announce, but that even nobody cares to
*read* this list ... :-\

Thanks for the pointer, I remember I have read it but didn't need it for a long time, so I have forgotten. Shame on me.

What happens if UNO_QUERY_THROW is used instead? As far as I can see, "Reference< interface_type >::Reference( XInterface * pInterface, UnoReference_QueryThrow )" calls "Reference< interface_type >::iquery_throw( XInterface * pInterface )" which calls "BaseReference::iquery_throw( XInterface* pInterface, const Type & rType )" which calls "BaseReference::iquery( XInterface * pInterface, const Type & rType )" which returns 0. So, iquery_throw will throw too.

What is the reason you have introduced UNO_SET_THROW?


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