Am Dienstag, den 23.12.2008, 12:06 +0100 schrieb Fernand Vanrie:
> Hallo All,
> I trye to pass a nwe connection to a already opened form document who 
> contains the macro a running from.
> So i have a Base Doc with 2 Form Docs.
> Mi macro resists and is run from  formdoc1 with the macro I trie to pass 
> a new connection to  formdoc1
> with the use of the function below i can easly pass a new connection to 
> my not opened Formdoc2  But using this function (sort of "reloading"of 
> Formdoc1 ) passes but the connection  is not changed.
> function OpenForm( formContainer as variant, oConnection as variant, 
> sFormName as string) 'as variant
>     Dim aProp(1) As New
>     aProp(0).Name = "ActiveConnection"
>     aProp(0).Value = MynewConnection
>     aProp(1).Name = "OpenMode"
>     aProp(1).Value = "open"

Try using

>     OpenForm = .loadComponentFromURL(sFormname,"_blank",0,aProp())

here. According to the dev guide "_blank" requests a new blank frame,
"_default" reuses the already open one.

> end function
> so: Can I change the Activeconention in my Formdoc1 ?
> thanks for any hint
> Fernand

HTH, and have a merry christmas without too much work ;),

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