Hi Albert,

Albert Law wrote (5-1-2009 21:23)
I've started to play around with the OO SDK.  I have a question...

How do I load a document and then save it as an image?

e.g. load a DOCX file and then save the cover page (er... first page) to a
JPG file

I figured out how to load a DOCX, but I haven't figured out the second bit.
I tried to do it through the print methods, but that only allows for a PS
output.  And now I'm looking into XRenderable, but I have a feeling that
will be a dead end.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

No sorry.
I am not aware of any way to export a writer document to a jpg via the user interface, nor of a filter that supports it.
In general that means, it is not available.

Maybe someone else knows better?


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