Frank Schönheit - Sun Microsystems Germany wrote:
Hi Fernand,

Is it also a reasonable RTF to asks that every SubComponent tables, Querys etc been protected by a password or a other protection sheme (from out the API)

Not exactly sure ... Do you want to specify a password per
table/query/form/report? If so, what should be covered by this password?
Opening? Editing? using (e.g. using a pwd-protected query in a report)?

I *suppose* it's hard to come up with a consistent concept here. (Sure,
we could use some established concept like access control lists, but
that'd be overkill, for sure).

You see, I fail to see the overall picture how such a feature would look
like, could you elaborate?
Think on how Spreadsheets are protected.

DB-doc GUImodifing protection by password
DB-doc-SUBcomponent protection on GUI-USE (simpel: a Table, Query, Report, Form can been used or not)



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