Fernand Vanrie a écrit :

Hi Fernand, and Frank,
> OK I can follow so far, but can you see a other strategie to keep the
> users away from Tables and other Datbase stuff where  valid
> information like Paswords etc... are been stored  ?
> I was thinking on
> - Stroring the forms in a WritterDoc ?
> - open a OO-base-doc in a "hidden" way ?
> - multi-user aces to  one  OO-base-doc  (because one of the main
> problems is to distribute several Docs who are needed to run 1
> application) 

This is something that would interest me too. At the moment, I have
terrible admin headaches trying to control what people do with their
respective ODB files, and it would be nice to be able to have a
concurrently multiple user accessible ODB file that I could store on my
file server, and which would know how to recognize :

(a) EITHER the individual rights of a given user to modify or create new
forms, queries or reports

(b) OR the means to store, at the user configuration level, the user's
own queries, reports, etc.

The current implementation of the ODB document as a container does not
allow for such scenarii, to my knowledge.

At the moment, I have to store my forms outside of the document. If the
user's ODB document gets corrupted, destroyed or there is just a plain
version mismatch, then you can not simply copy someone elses ODB and
expect the forms to work properly. I have just had to go through that
nightmare where we spent 3 rather unproductive hours trying to
understand why a separate form which worked perfectly for some people
did not work for others despite the fact that they all had, in
appearance, a linked ODB document (for establishing the connection) with
the same name, appropriate user rights and usage parameters.


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