Hi Juergen,

Just posted Integrate the OpenOffice.org power in a WTL (or other native WIN32) application at http://www.codeproject.com/KB/wtl/Wtl_OOo.aspx.

If it is of interest to you, I can make a presentation.


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just a friendly reminder that you should send me your proposals until tomorrow. I promise some fun in Brussels and Leo will probably guide us into a small nice restaurant as last year. Did i mentioned that the Belgium beer is excellent ;-)


Juergen Schmidt wrote:
FOSDEM - the Free and Open Source Developer's European Meeting - is nearly upon us. FOSDEM is the most developer-focused FOSS conference, and will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 6th/7th February (not forgetting the FOSDEM beer event on the Friday night :) . Geeks from all the major FOSS projects are expected to be there - including OpenOffice.org.

If you are an experienced OpenOffice.org developer, we need your help!

OpenOffice.org will have again a DevRoom at FOSDEM. The main goal of the DevRoom is to attract developers to work on and with OpenOffice.org. We want to show developers that there is nothing magic about OpenOffice.org development, and that our active and enthusiastic developer community is keen to help newcomers.

We want to help developers get started on the code - by explaining how the source code is structured and how our build environment works. We're also keen to show developers how to integrate OpenOffice.org in their own applications, using interfaces, APIs, components, etc. We want to encourage developers to produce exciting new extensions for OpenOffice.org.

If you are able to share your in-depth technical knowledge and enthusiasm then please get in touch without delay. We are looking for people who can:

- give a 45 minute talk; or
- run 90 or 120 minute workshops

Please send your proposals (see below) to juergen.schmidt (at) sun.com as soon as possible - by the end of this week (latest Saturday 10th).

Make it your New Year's Resolution to recruit a new developer in 2009 - and help us start the ball rolling at FOSDEM in February.

Your proposal should include
- a title
- a short abstract
- your full name
- a short bio of you and ideally your role in the OpenOffice.org project
- request for sponsorship (travel, lodging)

We know that we are again a little bit late this year and that it is short-time. But we promise to improve it next year ;-)

Thanks in advance


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