i would like to welcome charleschen, groverblue, christianlins, doni_ng, markireson, cli, and endrju87 as our newest project members!

Let me encourage you to subscribe to the
dev@api.openoffice.org mailing list
and take a look at the web page and wiki and see if anything attracts
your interest
The API wiki is still under construction and especially in the example
section we can benefit from more good examples and tutorials. Our
Developer's Guide has moved into the docu wiki and is also a good
resource to find more detailed information about the API


And last but not least the extension project might be also of interest
for you if you plan to extend the office this way or if you want to
learn more about extensions, the easiest way to get started to develop
with and for OpenOffice.org.

Feel free to a short biography to the list to introduce yourself.


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