Dear Andy:
I just see this message, and it makes me wonder. Are you trying to run the gui 
of OpenOffice in other machine than the one it is installed? If the answer the 
previous question is yes, how was it going?
Thank you in advance for your kind reply.


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> From: Andy Rouse <>
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> Sent: Thursday, June 5, 2008 3:08:32 PM
> Subject: [api-dev] Using API remotely
> I am trying to use the API from my portal on one Linux server to access
> OpenOffice running on a separate Linux server.  I took all the jars from
> OpenOffice and made them part my portal but I could only get the API to work
> after I installed on the portal server as well.  And I see
> that when I use the API for the first time on the portal server, OpenOffice
> is started up on the portal server.
> Do you have to have the complete application installed on the
> API client server and why does it start OpenOffice automatically on the
> client server?
> BTW I am using 2.4.
> Thanks for any info on this.
> Andy


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