Hi Ariel,
Congratulations for finding some working code :-)

Message de Ariel Constenla-Haile  date 2009-01-25 18:17 :
        While oTableModel.ColumnCount < 6
                oColumns.insertByIndex(0, 1)
        While oTableModel.RowCount < 8
                oRows.insertByIndex(0, 1)
The above code can be simplified as
oColumns.insertByIndex(0, 6)
oRows.insertByIndex(0, 8)

Any way, much more work than with the TextTable, not very API-user friendly...

Yes :-( And there is room for improvement. I created today :
Issue 98469 Add Cell and Table styles in Styles and Formatting
Issue 98470 Incorrect style family in Draw style families
Issue 98480 Sub-object of Draw table style can crash OpenOffice


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