On 01/27/09 09:13, Mathias Bauer wrote:
BTW: a keyword "unpublished" would come in handy here as it could become
the hyperlink itself! It seems we did it the wrong way. Not only because
of this but also because (as usual!) not the standard way of doing
things (the published API) should be marked by a special attribute, but
the one off the road (the unpublished API).

The rationale for having a "published" keyword instead of an "unpublished" one was that actually publishing an API is a deliberate activity. Also, this way the publishing concept could be added backwards-compatibly into UNO rather late in the game. And its safer this way, in that the default (no extra keyword given) case lets you easily fix your mistake and move to the non-default ("published" keyword added) case, while that is not true the other way around.

Granted, all this might be more relevant from the perspective of the API producer than from the perspective of the API consumer. API consumers indeed need to be trained now to look for explicitly published API and ignore implicitly unpublished one.


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