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Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote (2-2-2009 5:32)
On Sunday 01 February 2009 20:23, Cor Nouws wrote:

But the question came up, since for the StringResourceWithLocation (see
mail on d...@extensions, 16-1-09 (1) ) I need to give a Locale as
argument. Plus that I see that the files with the strings, indeed are
named "DialogStrings_nl_NL.properties" and "DialogStrings_fr_FR.properties"

I did not check yet if StringResourceWithLocation does allow for an
Locale with only a value for the country.

yes it does :-) (I even tryied passing an empty css.lang.Locale, and seems to be clever/tolerant enough)

Indeed. I passed xx_YY when I started to create a fall back in my own piece of code ... but the fall back already is there: Service StringResourceWithLocation has the property DefaultLocale.


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