Hi Stephan,

Stephan Bergmann wrote (14-02-11 11:27)

I assume Basic's Open uses as encoding for the given file the value of
osl_getThreadTextEncoding (which is something like OOo's abstraction of
the text encoding in use in the system, which typically happens to be
UTF-8 in Ubuntu, but MS-1252 on a Western European Windows; the latter
in turn is very similar to ISO 8859-1 and ISO 8859-15). No idea if you
can tell Basic to use a specific encoding for a given file.

There is no argument available in Basic.

Searching for osl_getThreadTextEncoding leads me to OStringToOUString.

Grepping for that, I see quite some entries as e.g.
   rtl::OStringToOUString( aString, RTL_TEXTENCODING_UTF8 )
so I guess in the code it could be possible.

OK, thanks for the pointer anyway ;-)


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