19.03.2011, 17:08, "Goran Markic" <go...@markic.ch>:
> Dear Sirs
> We are developing a multi platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) software for
> communication with our scientific instruments. Therefore we use the qt
> framework. We would like to embed a spreadsheet or a writer window
> within our qt window. Because we are developing for several operating
> systems we think that Open Office could be appropriate for our needs.
> After studying the UNO framework I haven't found the possibility to
> integrate an Open Office window into another Application. As far as I
> have seen, with an axtiveX component it should be possible, but then we
> are restricted to Windows.
> Could you please inform us if this is possible with Open Office for the
> mentioned platforms.
> Thank you very much
> Best regards,
> Dr. Goran Markic
> Markic Scientific Instruments

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in OOo or UNO programming

1. AFAIK, there's no "Qt bridge" around. If you want good Qt integration 
you'll probably find better in KOffice/Calligra Suite

2. There's OOoBean which allows to integrate OOo into Java application.
If you find a way to integrate Java applet into your software, it may be a
way to go.

3. On X11 platforms you can try to use QX11EmbedWidget to embed OOo 

4. It may be easier to integrate your existing Qt application into OOo as
extension than vice versa.

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