On 25.05.2011 14:32, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

How can I define a quickhelp text for each toolbar item? It seems that
by default the label of the toolbar item is used as the quickhelp
(tooltip?) text, and that does not exhibit the shortcut key by
underlying it.

Indeed the quickhelp text is the label. It *should* exhibit the shortcut key that is assigned to the same command as the toolbar item, if you make sure that the keyboard configuration was created before the toolbar was created. If not, this would be a "missing feature" ;-).

As I wrote, the accelerator key was shown for built-in commands and for basic macros. So I don't see a general reason why it shouldn't work for scripts.

As an example, I configured "SHIFT-ALT-G" for "Insert-Gallery" in the
keyboard configuration. The "view" menu (don't ask me why the menu has
it in "view", the config in "insert" ;-)) immediately shows the new
accelerator, the toolbar quickhelp doesn't. If I now open a new
document, its toolbar shows the accelerator in the quickhelp text of
the "Gallery" button.
Just tried this via "Tools->Customize", but it did not work with the
toolbar item.

*what* did you try? My example with ".uno:Gallery" or your script/macro?

In case you didn't notice, it is necessary to create the toolbar *after* you have configured the shortcut, e.g. by opening a new document window.

P.S.: One observation: it is not possible to delete the programmatically
created toolbar using "Tools ->  Customize" as the delete option is
greyed out. One can delete the individual toolbar items and make the
toolbar empty and on the next restart the toolbar seems to have gone.

I don't know if this is a bug or by intent, sorry.


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