Please read this note in its entirety. It contains important information related to this mailing list, its migration to the Apache Software Foundation, and the steps you must take to ensure continuous access to the list.


As you may have heard, Oracle contributed the (OOo) code to Apache in June. All new projects at Apache start in the "Incubator", a special part of Apache where new projects ("Podlings") and their communities are given special attention by Apache "mentors" as they learn about Apache, ensure that the source code meets Apache's license requirements, and work toward their initial Apache release.

In parallel with the coding efforts needed before we can publish Apache 3.4.0, the Apache community, working with the Apache Infrastructure team, is migrating the many legacy OOo websites and other online services formerly hosted by Sun/Oracle onto Apache servers. This has been a huge effort and we are showing good progress in many areas. 

You can read more about the current status of the migration effort on this wiki page:

Additional relevant information is published in our project blog at:


Among the services hosted by Oracle on the legacy OOo servers are over 300 mailing lists, including the  mailing list you are reading now.  In order to participate in Apache through a relevant mailing list, you will need to resubscribe to a new list address, per the following instructions:

  1. Send an email to This should be done from an e-mail account that you want to use to receive messages from the new list.
  2. This will generate a confirmation email which will be sent to your email address. You will need to reply to the confirmation email in order to complete your subscription to the new list.
  3. To send posts to the new list, you will mail them to the following address:
  4. And if you ever want to unsubscribe to the new list, you can do so by sending an email to:

We invite and encourage you to follow the above steps and to participate in Apache project. If you have any questions, feel free to post as responses to this note, or send a question to (you must be subscribed to post a question).


  1. We recommend that you do not subscribe via a legacy email address. It is uncertain at this point whether these addresses will be supported in the future.
  2. Archives of the legacy mailing lists are available here:
  3. Archives of the new mailing lists and other relevant information can be found at: Apache mail list information.
  4. If you prefer to access the list via Gmane, please post a request on the new list and we will try to accommodate you.

The Apache (Incubating) Project Management Committee

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