Eric Covener wrote Tue, 07 Mar 2017 08:18:46 -0800:
>> It seems we should have the framework process the bin/envvars (in the normal
>> path,  or /etc/apache2 in this case)... but that should be based on
>> retrieving the
>> pathname of bin/envvars from apxs, and apxs doesn't have this info (it also
>> does
>> not have two distinct entitites for the progname and config file name,
>> requiring
>> that both be overridden if the progname is changed.)
>Having a bit of trouble sorting out these two, but they don't seem to
>affect the conf filename
>  httpd           => 'server to use for testing (default is $bindir/httpd)',
>  target          => 'name of server binary (default is apxs -q TARGET)',
>e.g. this works for me:
>perl Makefile.PL  -apxs ~/SRC/httpd-trunk/built/bin/apxs -httpd

Hi all,

I had hired the original poster to look into this for me, to get
Apache2::Controller working and packaged in Debian.  I have time to
give it my attention now.  I'd like to help to fix it in the way you
think is best.  Perhaps this means providing a patch for the Debian
and Ubuntu libapache2-mod-perl2 maintainers to make it work.  I'd
really like to help make it work in source, if that is possible, since
it will reduce the number of places something needs to be changed.

I'm sorry I'm a bit rusty.  I have not had my head under the hood in a
while, but maybe with a little guidance I can help figure this out.

I realize the instructions above were for testing the Apache::Test source.

The -apxs and -httpd flags do not seem to work when I try them with
the Apache2::Controller source.  I recall there were environment
variables for setting the paths to apxs and httpd, but I do not
remember what they were called.  Would that help?

Please offer suggestions on what to do here.  I will also investigate
the source of the original poster's patch to Apache::Test in the
meantime.  If there is a way to tell it to do the right thing without
patching, that would be ideal.

Thank you.

Mark Hedges

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