As was discussed here over the summer, there is a need in the JSR-168 Portlet community to use cross-context access so that a portal webapp can communicate with various portlet webapps. Unfortunately, session replication in a Tomcat cluster does not occur when one webapp accesses another webapp's context and changes occur in the session of the target webapp.

Unicon now has several clients that are extremely eager to see cross-context session replication support built into Tomcat. Given that this work would be difficult for someone not already familiar with the Tomcat code, are there any experienced Tomcat developers out there who would be interested in doing this work for pay? Of course we are eager to have this change incorporated into the main Tomcat code, so having an existing Tomcat committer do this would be ideal.

If anyone qualified is interested, please contact me directly. We will undertake the effort ourselves if necessary, but obviously we would prefer to find a community-oriented solution to the problem.

Thanks for your help!

John Lewis
Unicon, Inc.

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