Thank you for working on this, jgilbert.

I tried to take advantage of C++14's relaxed constexpr for bug 1451278, but
I'm getting one test job failure on automation, visible here:

It's the "spidermonkey-sm-rust-bindings-linux64/debug" job, which is
presumably still using an old version of GCC. It's a tier 2 job. Does
anyone know if it's important, and if so, how it should be updated?



On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 10:30 AM, Jeff Gilbert <> wrote:

> Bug 1444274 will bump our minimum GCC version to 6.1. GCC-7 will
> continue to work.
> If you build with GCC instead of Clang on Linux, I've been told that
> the system gcc package for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is gcc-5, so very soon
> you'll need to install a gcc-6 package to continue to build.
> With a bump to GCC 6, along with the bump to vs2017, we should be able
> to start relying on c++14 features. This will help out with tracking
> upstream projects which are starting to rely in c++14, as well as
> letting us phase in new tools into our c++ toolbox. (relaxed constexpr
> is a big one)
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