I'm the one that asked Ryan to send out product meeting summary notes to
help me feel a bit closer to the group. It's only fair that I do the same
for the web coordination meetings to help others.

The video is available for MoCo/MoFo folks at [1].

*Theme: Approaching the end of train 70*

   - String cut will be as soon as [2] merges, most likely Monday. If you
   have any work that requires a string change, open the PR now or you'll have
   to wait until train-70 is cut!

   - Three PRs need to merge to cut the content server's train 70
   [2][3][4]. These PRs are to improve the upcoming "devices view" feature,
   improve our metrics collection capabilities, and simplify how signin with
   an unverified account emails are sent. The train will most likely be cut on
   Tuesday or Wednesday.

   - We are investigating why there is a discrepancy between our password
   reset stats between DataDog and Re-dash. DataDog says we have a ton,
   Re-Dash says we have only a few. Do we trust either?

   - `preVerifyToken` was added for Marketplace on Firefox OS. The idea of
   a `preVerifyToken` is to allow users who are already verified on
   Marketplace to come to Firefox Accounts and sign-up without the need to
   re-verify their email. Now that Firefox OS is no longer actively being
   developed, we are considering removing this feature to 1) reduce the number
   of ways a user can become verified and 2) reduce the amount of code we have
   to maintain.
      - It appears exactly 0 users have used this feature in the past 2
      - While digging in to get these stats, we noticed a discrepancy in
      our `preverified` metrics reporting, which had a good outcome -
we now know
      that > 200 users per month verify their account while still on the Choose
      What to Sync. I put > instead of = because this is the lower bound, users
      who verify their email but never complete CWTS will not be counted.

   - Vlad is working furiously on getting the upcoming "devices view" and
   "devices disconnect" ship-shape [2]. I've been playing with it for half the
   day, and it's fun to see the interaction between multiple devices upon

   - Phil has been hard at work making a bunch of awesome re-dash charts,
   real numbers forthcoming.

   - Sean and I have a basic integration of the upcoming signin "unblock"
   feature, lacking any security. I had to bypass the DB and some other gross
   tricks to make it work, but we are doing this ensure our APIs line up
   properly. Demo coming on Monday.

   - Vijay is working on an IP blocklist project to add to the customs
   server. [5].

As you can see, no shortage of things going on.

If you've ever wondered what exactly we do, come and join us in the #fxa
Vidyo channel on Monday at 16.30GMT or Thursday 17.00GMT. We don't bite. We
might even try to rope you into helping us.

[1] - https://vreplay.mozilla.com/replay/showRecordDetails.html?recId=3593
[2] - https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/pull/4131
[3] - https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/pull/4150
[4] - https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/pull/4155
[5] - https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-customs-server/issues/130
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