Hi All,

Earlier today we had our weekly Show & Tell & Share for Firefox
Accounts.  This week's session was so jam-packed with demos that we
sadly had to defer some to next week!  Here's the video for those who
are interested:


And my summary of the highlights:

* Ryan Feeley is exploring the "dialog" we want to have when onboarding
  a new user to Firefox Accounts and Sync, and he's doing so via the
  intriguing device of an actual dialog.  You can view it at [1] or,
  if you've got some popcorn handy, you sit back and enjoy a live
  performance of it in the recording.

* Vlad demonstrated the new Sentry dashboard at [2], where we can get
  reports of security problems in our dependencies, without have them
  show up in public bugs in github.

* Vlad also demonstrated some new client-side flow events, which will
  help us better understand the early stages of our user sign-in funnel.

* Vlad also also demonstrated the first phase of the "device view",
  including the new modal dialog to confirm when you're disconnecting
  a device.  Looking forward to seeing that in production soon!

* Shane demonstrated the work so far on the "sign-in unblock" feature,
  which will let users who trigger our rate-limiting logic do an email
  confirmation loop to unblock themselves.

* Shane also demonstrated how we've saved an entire request on page load
  by embedding some config options directly into the HTML, rather than
  fetching them as a separate JSON file.

* Phil and Vijay both had things they wanted to show, but unfortunately
  we ran out of time.  They're promised the opening slots in next week's

Thanks as always to the folks who prepared some demos, I always find
them very interesting and valuable.



[1] https://mozilla.invisionapp.com/share/PH8NG1QG4#/189902919_Conversation
[2] https://sentry.prod.mozaws.net/operations/fxa-npm-security-alerts/
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