Hi All,

Earlier today we had our weekly Backend Catchup meeting, our chance to
chat about all things operational.  No vidyo recording, but here are the

* We're cutting train-70 this week, and it's got two database migrations
  for the auth-server.  They should both be fairly painless though.

* We're slowly working through our backlog of expired oauth tokens and
  pruning them from the database.  The db write load is increasing as
  more and more clients are forced to refresh their tokens, and we need
  to keep an eye on the new steady-state write load once that's done.

* There is a single profile-server webhead running node4 in production;
  assuming it stays healthy, we'll promote all of them to node4 and move
  on to the oauth-server.

* Vlad and Vijay have found a way to emit better metrics when handling
  email bounces, by configuring SES to include all the email headers in
  the bounce message.  This will let us break down the bounces by email

* :jbuck recently got Fathom (a context-graph project) running under the
  new Cloud Services Deployment Pipeline, and it was really nice to spin
  up a dev environment for it using the same config as production.  We
  hope to get FxA to that point someday, but we have to dockerize a lot
  of things before that will be possible.

* There's a new Kibana dashboard where you can view stats on what emails
  we're sending.  So far it's a pretty even split between login-related
  and signup-related emails:



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