Hi All,

Earlier today we had our weekly FxA Product Meeting.  We worked through
the proposed Q4 OKRs, and it was a long intricate discussion that I'm
probably not going to do justice to here, so definitely watch the video
for all the details:


There was a lot of discussion of detailed metrics, which is going to
have to be followed up on the MoCo-confidential staff list, but here are
the high-level notes:

* For the coming quarter, we're trying to frame OKRs less in terms of
  "ship these features" and more in terms of "impact these metrics",
  in the hope that it'll give us more flexibility and help us focus
  on fewer things at once.  It will be an interesting experiment!

* The first outcome to focus on is getting more users connected on
  multiple devices.  We know that this is where the real value of
  FxA and Sync lies right now, and that it has a big impact on user
  retention.  This will probably mean experimenting with different
  sign-up flows to reduce the second-device setup friction as much
  as possible.

* The second outcome to focus on is our work on security, ensuring that
  we continue to meet or exceed both industry standards and user
  expectations.  "Security" is a hard thing to measure unless it goes
  wrong, but we're going to try to capture more relevant metrics, and
  use those to prioritize our backlog of security enhancements.

* The third outcome to focus on is reducing the perennial problem of
  user data loss due to password resets.  This is a hard problem, but
  user feedback continues to highlight it as an important one.  We need
  to find ways to quantify its impact in practice, and experiment with
  approaches to reducing it.

Expect to hear more about these themes as me move into Q4.


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