Hi All,

Due to scheduling constraints, today we had a combined FxA retrospective
and demo session, which means there's no video recording.  Nevertheless,
here are the highlights:

* Vlad gave a demo of phase two of the Devices View, which features new
buttons to help you install Firefox on your mobile device if you aren't
already syncing one.  You can follow this work in the bug at [1].

* Vijay demoed the new Hapi plugin that he's been working on to do
  TLS key pinning via HPKP, which you can find at [2]

In the retrospective, we first reflected on our goal from last week,
which was "to ensure that we have the structure and support in place for
us to succeed at 'dont work alone' in Q4."  We're certainly starting off
on a good path for this, but we need to try out the new feature pipeline
planning process for a cycle or two to see how it'll really work in

Topics that we covered this week included:

* We continue to appreciate the taking of notes and sending out of
  minutes after our various meetings.  It takes a surprisingly
  amount of time to do well, and sharing the load between note-
  takers is proving valuable.

* Reviews are being done in a timely fashion, and we're not shying
  away from honest (constructive, respectful, and valued by all!)
  criticism as part of the review process.

* It's not as easy as we'd thought for new contributors to get up
  and running with fxa-local-dev.  We may be able to improve it by
  erroring out more cleanly when dependencies are not correctly
  installed.  On the plus side, we've all been pitching in to help
  folks succeed despite these hurdles.

* A special shout-out to Vlad for continuing to work on tools that
  make development and testing easier.

* We're trying out some new process things in Q4, and it's OK for
  that to take a while until we're comfortable with it, and until
  we find what works and what doesn't.  Let's all try to be as
  engaged as possible as we kick it off at the planning meeting
  later in the week.

* Large mechanical PRs, such as global search-and-replace of old
  idioms with new ones, have been a source of frustration and a
  time-sink for review.  We agreed try to limit ourselves to at
  most one such PR per person per dev cycle.

* We don't appear to be using the "next" column in waffle very
  effectively, with some issues languishing there for a long time.
  We don't yet have a concrete plan for something new to try, but
  we'll keep an eye on the situation.

* It's difficult to be productive when there's a Category 4 Hurricane
  bearing down on your too-close-to-the-coast-for-comfort house...

And finally, the two things that we're going to focus on improving for
the coming cycle:

* Our git commit log messages could use a bit of consistency and
  structure, since several of us do find ourselves going back through
  them and trying to "read the story" of the recent commits.  There
  are no hard-and-fast rules, but we talked about trying to stick
  to the following:

    * One commit per logical change, and preferably distinct logical
      changes in distinct PRs.

    * Prefer squash-and-merge or rebase-and-merge over a plain merge,
      and include (#pr-number) and r=reviewer in the commit message.

    * It's the merger's job to ensure the commits being merged are
      clean; reviewers should feel free to request a squash or rebase,
      or feel empowered to do it themselves.

* We need to find a more efficient way of scoring the items in the
  feature pipeline spreadsheet, rather than sitting around in a meeting
  and talking about each one.  To begin we'll try the following

    * The person who put the idea in the sheet, is responsible for
      scoring it and the only person who should edit the scores.

    * Other folks should provide feedback by leaving a comment in
      the doc for them to review.

Thanks all!


[1] https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/pull/4261
[2] https://github.com/vbudhram/hapi-hpkp
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