Hi All,

Last week we shipped FxA train-92 to production, with the following


   The ability to change your primary email address is now live for initial
   testing!  It's behind a feature-flag, but if you have an @mozilla.com
   address you can try it out by signing in to sync, clicking "manage account"
   from your sync preferences, then adding "?canChangeEmail=true" to the page
   URL.  Please let us know if you find any bugs at this early stage.

   Many of our graphics have been updated to be inline with the ongoing
   Photon work, and to be just generally better all around.

   The "devices and apps" list has received more polish, including  some
   cleanup of the device icons and the ability to show a "last synced"
   timestamp where available.  We'll slowly ramp up the tracking of these
   timestamps over the coming weeks to be sure it doesn't negatively affect
   database load.

   The logic for opting users in to the Mozilla newsletter has been moved
   into the backend, where we should be able to do a much more reliable job of
   subscribing the user to the requested list.

   We've added some more performance-related metrics, including route
   timing information for the auth-server, and Phil has already built some
   re:dash graphs to make use of it.

   We now show the new "addresses" and "creditcards" sync engines in the
   choose-what-to-sync-screen if the browser advertises support for them.
   They're checked by default.

I've deliberately focused on just the most interesting and impact
highlights this time around.  There's plenty more good stuff in there, and
if you're interested you can find it in the changelogs for each repo:



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