Hi Jens,

thank you for sharing that, I was currently working on the same issue so you 
saved my day!

I found this problem also described here with a good answer from Alexandr 

About the varnish configuration:
Adding that extensions and the query string to that regular expression is a 
good solution, we could also add the out folder. But using only the out folder 
would not capture all static files.

Best regards


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Hi everybody,

spent a little time to figure out why our custom corporate font was not loading 
in our OXID eShop on the Internet Explorer (from version 9 up to latest). IE 
needs an 'cache-control' Header without the 'no-cache' instruction, 'max-age=0‘ 
instead works fine.

The Varnish sub 'oxBeforeDeliver' prevents 'cache-control' headers to be set by 
Apache (or other web servers) for static font files. We had to change the 
following line in the vcl:

# Do not add Cache-Control header for static elements so browser could cache 
if (req.url !~ "\.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif|gz|tgz|bz2|tbz|mp3|ogg|css|js)$") {


# Do not add Cache-Control header for static elements so browser could cache 
if (req.url !~ 

This adds file type support for eot, ttf, etc, otf, eot, woff, woff2, svg and 
also allows request parameters e.g. ?39jk0p#iefix
I think it would maybe a better solution to check here also against the /out/ 
directory which should include all static resources.

What do you think?

my two cents, best regards,

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