I have a EE 5.2.7 installed. I also installed the ERP Connector module on

Now I wanted to test if the SOAP service for ERP is working or not so I am
trying to make a request from my local computer to the shop setup on
hosting server.

How Can I do that.... I did make a SOAP request to the following url....


like this...

$client = new SoapClient("http://myshopurl.de/modules/erp/oxerpservice.wsdl

$result = $client->__soapCall('OXERPLogin', array($params));

but I cannot get the results....

I am getting something like this....

  *protected* 'message' => string 'Internal Server Error' *(length=21)*
  *private* 'string' (Exception) => string '' *(length=0)*
  *protected* 'code' => int 0
  *protected* 'file' => string 'C:\wamp\www\apirequest.php' *(length=35)*
  *protected* 'line' => int 11
  *private* 'trace' (Exception) =>
    *array* *(size=2)*
      0 =>
        *array* *(size=4)*
          'function' => string '__doRequest' *(length=11)*
          'class' => string 'SoapClient' *(length=10)*
          'type' => string '->' *(length=2)*
          'args' =>
            *array* *(size=5)*
      1 =>
        *array* *(size=6)*
          'file' => string 'C:\wamp\www\apirequest.php' *(length=35)*
          'line' => int 11
          'function' => string '__soapCall' *(length=10)*
          'class' => string 'SoapClient' *(length=10)*
          'type' => string '->' *(length=2)*
          'args' =>
            *array* *(size=2)*

SOAP is installed on server....

can anybody help me out how I may test the ERP connector.

Thanks and looking for a quick reply.

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