these methods were introduced as private, because in near future we want to 
implement more elegant solution.
In case you are overwriting method without calling parent, you would still need 
to update modules even if methods would be protected.
As methods are private now, you will have to copy contents and add to your 

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Ah ok, checked the code, you are talking about cleanBillingAddress and 
cleanDeliveryAddress methods.

You are right, this could affect extended createUser method functionality, just 
because its one huge mess and I assume nobody calls parent on it’s extended 
method and this core patch becomes useless.

And of course think about other implementation cases ..

On 20 Jun 2016, at 19:23, Tomas Kvietkauskas 
<tomas.kvietkaus...@nfq.com<mailto:tomas.kvietkaus...@nfq.com>> wrote:

Hi Dirk,

thanks for your insights,
could you please name methods that were changed from protected to private?


On 20 Jun 2016, at 17:36, Dirk Mueller 
<dirkmuelle...@yahoo.de<mailto:dirkmuelle...@yahoo.de>> wrote:


be aware that the two new implemented methods in oxcmp_user class at the 
previous security patch have been declared as "private functions".

Is there any reason to use "private functions" instead of "protected functions"?

Current situation could kill modules which are overwriting "createUser()" and 
"_changeUser_noRedirect()" methods in oxcmp_user class as private methods do 
break the inheritance chain.

So, whenever you are updating your shops or adding the current security patch 
you should also check all modules in your shop which are overloading or 
overwriting the oxcmp_user class.

@OXID devs: What's you opinion about this? Do you think we can change a.m. 
methods to protected functions?

Best regards,
Dirk Müller

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