Hi Guys,

I have a Shop version EE 5.2.7. I have also installed the ERP
Connector MOD_ERP_2.14.1_OXID_ESHOP_EE_5.2.1_4.9.1_for_PHP5.6

I have 2 issues that I am facing.

1. The Product Price is not being transfered to oxid shop. I am getting
back a response with Product OXID and blResult as true in return.

I have also enabled the logging as mentioned in the ERP Documentation by
adding the flag and log file path in the config file. It does write the
logs but only the responses and not the requests. It looks like this...

2016-07-11 17:51:32

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

So from first issue, I was trying to debug it but got another problem of
logging. Can anyone help me why the request are not being logged because
then I will be able to see why Product Prices are not being saved in OXID

2. Issue is more a How To Question....How can I transfer the images of
products and categories. via ERP SetArticle method image names can be sent
to shop but the image file, how can it be transfered on the server. The ERP
that is being used is "Comarch-ERP" there you can give the FTP Username and
password where the files can be uploaded but in OXID all the master paths
for product and categories are different so thats why I am unable to
transfer the product images.

Can anybody help me here.

Thanks and looking forward to a quick response.

*Mit freundlichen Grüßen | **Warm Regards**,*

Mirza Ahtasham Ahmad
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