Dear list,

to get rid of the old wiki.oxidforge-Server, we have to move this list
as well. So far we used Mailman as software for the mailing lists which
turned out to be hard to maintain etc. The new software is provided by
our regular web hosting provider and would be ezmlm.


We used to archive the mailing list internally with pipermail and
externally with Unfortunately, pipermail stopped working at
some point in November 2012, the gmane project is dead :-(

Thanks to the seven gods, I found another - still complete and
searchable - archive of this mailing list at

#What's next?

In order to keep this archive running (no split necessary), and to keep
the list's mailing address, we created another sub domain

Here, with the help of ezmlm, we will create a new list with the same
name as before:

All subscribed e-mail addresses will be imported into the new system.

There will be new overview and help pages directly on, the
old pages will be redirected to it.

With other words:

*you should not recognize any outage, have to do some change with your
systems nor have to think about a new e-mail address.

*The archive will still be served.

*We can switch off the old server without any hassle

Please let me know if you have any objections or if something doesn't
work for you any more as expected.


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