Hello guys,

with oxid Version 6.0 the shop is using MySQL transactions. -> 

For example this is used in 
(formally known as oxorder::recalculateOrder).

In the process of Order::finalizeOrder, the PaymentGateway::executePayment() 
modules to perform module based validations.

Some payment provider will create transactions and send it back to the shop.
A module will be willing to save/log these transactions to the database.
If there are a failed transaction and the module save his object via shop 
standard BaseModel::save() 
and the PaymentGateway::executePayment() return a false,
the complete MySQL transaction will be ROLLBACK'ed. (Order::recalculateOrder())

So the module lost all informations/transactions, which are saved during the 

How is oxid's suggestion to save these transactions from ROLLBACK?

best regards
Kristian Hempel 


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