I just noticed that one of my modules doesn't return its oxconfig settings 
anymore. I fetch the settings via
oxRegistry::getConfig()->getShopConfVar('blGhApiAllowNonSsl', null, 

The oxmodule column in the database, however, contains 
"module:ghoxid2greyhoundconnect'". The "module:" prefix is probably added by 
the admin config page (extended from ghOxid2GreyhoundAdminConfig). If I fetch 
the setting with
oxRegistry::getConfig()->getShopConfVar('blGhApiAllowNonSsl', null, 
then I get the correct value. So it seems that I need to add the "module:" 
prefix in the getShopConfVar() call.

Has this behaviour changed somehow - and if so, do you know since which version?

I have several versions of OXID CE with which I test our modules, but I think I 
upgraded some of them from one minor version to the next. In my OXID CE 4.9, 
for example, I have settings with both 'ghoxid2greyhoundconnect' and 
'module:ghoxid2greyhoundconnect' in my oxconfig table. So these might have been 
duplicated when i upgraded the shop at some time and I probably didn't notice 
because the module just kept using the old settings (I haven't changed them in 
a while). :-D

Now I've set up a fresh CE 4.10 and found that the module didn't get the 
oxconfig settings.

I just need to know which versions of my module to fix. I've taken a look at 
the changelog in the OXID bugtracker, but couldn't find anything relating to 


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