Hello Michael,

where did u get SQL migration from?
Maybe someone just forgot those fields, because they exist in new DB scheme
(there were no big changes in DB).

Anyway, I think you have some custom, project specific, fields so you need
to double check what you are migrating. So keep them.


2018-04-03 12:40 GMT+03:00 Michael Ochmann <o...@ain.wtf>:

> Hello together,
> in the sql-migrations for OXID v6 i noticed, that the fields "OXARTNUM"
> and "OXSTOCK" are getting dropped without the hint for a possible
> replacement anywhere else. Can somebody tell me, where this information
> is supposed to live after the migrations and in v6?
> --
> best regards
> Michael Ochmann
> CTO, Softwarearchitect, OXID development
> AiN Entertainment

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