Hi guys,

I spent yesterday only a few hours for a test migration from EE 5.3.7 to 6.0.2, 
which seems to be actually buggy.
Maybe there is a newer/more compatible source for migrations which I have 
My source was the official documentation: 

Below you can see the results of the short test migration and possible 
solutions for common errors in the migration process.

The migration SQL script seems to have some bugs (migrate_ee_5_3_to_6_0.sql):
- All shop names will be replaced, the update command for CE & PE is not 
modified for EE users in the EE script
-> To solve this you have to remove OXNAME = 'OXID eShop 6' on line 10

- If you use MySQL >= 5.7  strict mode is by default active and NO_ZERO_DATE 
and NO_ZERO_IN_DATE is set in the sql_mode option by default, the migrate 
script will produce fatal errors by many statements.
-> You can solve this by adding SET @@session.sql_mode = ''; to the beginning 
of the script

Further if you used the Fatchip PayOne module in the CE, PE or EE before, you 
are not able to activate this module after migration in the backend (Error: 
Module could not be loaded).
- This is caused by the new module path (fc/fcpayone) and the old encoded 
oxconfig values in the database where the path is still the old one (fcPayOne). 
I tried two options for trying to fix this, but both will result in loosing 
data (all fatchip transaction tables are empty after activation)!

-> Option A: Set a symlink in the modules directory for fcPayOne -> fc/fcpayone
-> Option B: Update the 'aModulesPaths' in oxconfig via SQL
-> SQL:
UPDATE `oxconfig`
WHERE OXVARNAME = 'aModulePaths';

I also noticed that the GitHub page of the PayOne module (which is already 
bundled with Oxid v6) says: 'Please note, that this extension is not yet 
released in production.' (https://github.com/PAYONE-GmbH/oxid-6), obviously the 
description is outdated.

I Hope the information will help some of you, feel free to share this in 
forums/social media/mails/or anything else you prefer ;)

Jens-Christopher Trant


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