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Anybody know how I can set variable in tex?

For example

\def\proste{To jest prosty napis}

I need setup \proste definition to my own string

How I can read TeX variable \mynumber from lua
and set variable \mynumber on TeX but set in lua script.


\newcount\MyCount \MyCount = 20

\def\MyMacro{To jest prosty napis}





Interestingly, token.set_macro allows defining macros whose replacement
text has unbalanced braces.

\directlua{token.set_macro("MyMacro", "\string{")}

Indeed. No expansion and parsing is involved except for one level checking of catcodes and tokens.

This function is mostly there for simple usage like storing a string or so (no support for parameters etc).

A bit like:


test \foo\bf bar\oof\ test


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