I've noticed a weird behaviour that seems to have started happening with 
Firefox 48, and is apparently happening with the latest Nightly as well. It 
looks like Firefox is not sending a DTLS alert anymore when a PeerConnection is 
closed. You can test this easily by opening this web page in a couple of tabs:


This is a demo of a WebRTC call with media going through my WebRTC server. To 
replicate the issue, just choose two different usernames and have one call the 
other, and then have one of the two hangup. This will result, for both users, 
in a call to the PeerConnection.close(), and about:webrtc confirms both PCs are 
indeed closed, but looking at the traffic via Wireshark/tcpdump no DTLS alert 
is sent to the server by either of them. This makes the server actually unaware 
of the PC being closed.

Is this a known issue?

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