Firefox 51 is now our Developer Edition version, and it's scheduled to go
to Beta on November 7th and to Release on January 24th.  Detailed WebRTC (plus
Web Audio) release notes for Firefox 51 are here

If anyone has any questions about the release, the notes, or possible bugs
in the code, feel free to reach out to me directly.


Noteworthy Changes:

   - VP9 is now supported in this release. We don't prefer VP9 (yet), but
   we do accept and negotiate it. Please help us test and report any bugs you
   find. Our plan is to keep this enabled into Release for Firefox 51. (See bug
   1302935 <> for

   - Implemented draft-ietf-rtcweb-ip-handling, which adds prefs to limit
   IP address exposure. (See bug 1297416
   <> for details.)

   - Implemented mediaDevices.ondevicechange for Mac. Support for Windows
   and Linux will be in Firefox 52. (See bug 1286429
   <> for details.)

   - Removed RTCPeerConnection.removeStream. (See bug 1213441
   <> for details.)

Maire Reavy
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