In May it was decided that artifacts for try jobs running in TaskCluster should 
expire after 14 days.  This has greatly reduced the amount of try artifacts 
that we keep within s3 and we are looking to make the same changes to buildbot 
try artifacts that were uploaded using TaskCluster.

Bug 1303214 has been created to make this the new default when using mozharness 
to upload artifacts.  In the meantime the TaskCluster team would like to move 
forward with retroactively expiring buildbot try artifacts within S3 that are 
older than 14 days.

Note: this is only for Try artifacts that were created and uploaded using 
mozharness and stored within TaskCluster (but are actually buildbot jobs).

Ideally we should be able to keep default expiration times for Try artifacts 
consistent between buildbot and TaskCluster and so far we have found 14 days to 
be an acceptable default.

Please let me know if you see an issue with this and we can discuss.  A final 
notice will be sent prior to forced expiration if there are no objections.

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