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> Hi I'm someone who is studying the triage process and workflow among OSS,
> Can anyone tell me does the new triage plan discussed here get adopted and
> what is the final version? I would also love to know where and could I
> follow your discussions on policies? I can't find other topics related to
> this thread in google groups.

​Hi John,

Thanks for your patience while I got back to you.

The triage plan we're using is

The Platform team is also using ​
https://wiki.mozilla.org/Platform#Bug_Triage to focus on regressions.

Several teams that develop on GitHub are using the P1-P3, P5 scheme in
their repos and using waffle.io to aggregate across projects.

Scoreboards are:

https://emceeaich.github.io/triage-report/ and

My current reporting doesn't account for projects that exclusively track
bugs in GitHub issues.

There's a mailing-list, firefox-triage-le...@mozilla.org, but it's a low
volume list.

-- Emma
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