Please note that we will soon rename the marionette-client Python
package to marionette-harness. This work is currently happening on bug
1320073. The reason for it is that there is lots of confusion between
the package names and the folder names in-tree:

> testing/marionette/client -> marionette-driver
> testing/marionette/harness -> marionette-client

As you can see we will fix one part only because we cannot rename
marionette-driver to marionette-client now. We may consider to do so for
Firefox 59 which is the overnext ESR release. But the changes for the
harness package will definitely also land for the 52 ESR release and as
such will be uplifted to mozilla-aurora soon.

What does it mean for you?

If your code is located in in the tree you don't have to do anything. My
patch will update every single instance where the old package name was used.

For external code you will have to update your package dependencies once
the code has been landed and the new package released to PyPI. If you
don't do so, no further updates will be available via PyPI.

In case you have questions please let us know.


Henrik Skupin
Senior Software Engineer
Mozilla Corporation
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