TL;DR: we have made some changes to the nsIURI API that affect IDN domain

    ASCII - GetAsciiSpec, GetAsciiHost, GetAsciiHostPort
    UTF-8 - GetSpec, GetPrePath, GetHost, GetHostPort

    UTF-8 - GetDisplaySpec, GetDisplayPrePath, GetDisplayHost,
    ASCII - GetAsciiSpec, GetAsciiHost, GetAsciiHostPort
    ASCII (but preffable) - GetSpec, GetPrePath, GetHost, GetHostPort
        pref is network.standard-url.punycode-host defaults to true

Bug 945240 changed the internal representation of nsStandardURL, and added
the pref to also reflect this change via the nsIURI API. Bug 1380617 flips
the pref, and also fixes the unit tests and several places in the UI that
relied on GetHost* returning UTF-8 strings.
This is a definite improvement in terms of web-compat. document.origin,
location.href, etc will from now on return punycode.
There are still places in the UI which need to be fixed, such as the
devtools (bug 1380932). If you come across something that should show the
unicode hostname, but instead shows punycode, please file a bug blocking
bug 1380617.
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