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> I also recognize that Google
> Accounts is the largest player in existing U2F device enrollments.
> If we choose not to do this, Google Accounts users who currently have U2F
> enabled will not be able to authenticate using Firefox until their existing
> U2F tokens are re-enrolled using Web Authentication -- meaning not only
> will Google need to change to the Web Authentication API, they will also
> have to prompt users to go back through the enrollment ceremony. This
> process is likely to take several years.

This seems like a necessary practical reason to make a special
accommodation for user's of Google Accounts.

> After discussions with appropriate Googlers confirmed that the “
> www.gstatic.com” origin used in U2F is being retired as part of their
> change-over to Web Authentication, I propose to hard-code support in Gecko
> to permit Google Accounts’ cross-origin U2F behavior, the same way as
> Chrome has. I propose to do this for a period of 5 years, until 2023, and

Given that users may use their current token for many years, why do we
have to set any particular expiration date for this exception? After
implementing the exception in the first place has become a sunk cost,
is there a reason to believe it will have a large ongoing maintenance

Henri Sivonen
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