> On 17 Jan 2018, at 12:38 am, Gregory Szorc <g...@mozilla.com> wrote:
> On an EC2 c5.17xlarge (36+36 CPUs) running Ubuntu 17.10 and using Clang 5.0, 
> 9be7249e74fd does a clobber but configured `mach build` in 7:34. Rust is very 
> obviously the long pole in this build, with C++ compilation (not linking) 
> completing in ~2 minutes.
> If I enable sccache for just Rust by setting "mk_add_options "export 
> RUSTC_WRAPPER=sccache" in my mozconfig, a clobber build with populated cache 
> for Rust completes in 3:18. And Rust is still the long pole - although only 
> by a few seconds. It's worth noting that CPU time for this build remains in 
> the same ballpark. But overall CPU utilization increases from ~28% to ~64%. 
> There's still work to do improving the efficiency of the overall build 
> system. But these are mostly in parts only touched by clobber builds. If you 
> do `mach build binaries` after touching compiled code, our CPU utilization is 
> terrific.
> From a build system perspective, C/C++ scales up to dozens of cores just fine 
> (it's been this way for a few years). Rust is becoming a longer and longer 
> long tail (assuming you have enough CPU cores that the vast amount of C/C++ 
> completes before Rust does).

After playing with the iMac Pro and loving its performance (though I’ve 
returned it now)

I was thinking of testing this configuration

Intel i9-7980XE
Asus Prime X299-Deluxe
Samsung 960 Pro SSD
G.Skill F4-3200OC16Q-32GTZR x 2 (allowing 64GB in quad channels)
Corsair AX1200i PSU
Corsair H100i water cooloer
Cooler Master Silencio 652S

Aim is for the fastest and most silent PC (if such thing exists)
The price on Amazon is 4400 euros which is well below the iMac Pro cost (less 
than half for similar core count) or the Lenovo P710.

The choice of the motherboard is that there’s successful report on the 
hackintosh forum to run macOS High Sierra (though no wifi support)

Any ideas when the updated Lenovo P710 will come out?

Anandtech had a nice article about the i9-7980EX in regards to clock speed 
according to the number of core in use… It clearly shows that base frequency 
matters very little as the turbo frequencies almost make them all equal.


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