The new sync for web-platform-tests is now running experimentally. This provides two way sync between the w3c/web-platform-tests repository on GitHub and mozilla-central, so allowing gecko developers to contribute to web-platform-tests using their normal gecko workflow, and ensuring that we get all the upstream changes submitted by the community including engineers at Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

The new code is intended to provide the following improvements over the old periodic batch sync approach:

* Faster sync. The code to actually land changes to mozilla-central is still undergoing testing, but the intent is that we can get at least one wpt update per day once the system is fully operational.

* One bug per PR we downstream, filed in a component determined by the files changed in the PR.

* One PR per bug we upstream. Currently this will be created when a patch lands on inbound or autoland and should be merged when the patch reaches central. In some hypothetical future world in which there's a single entry point for submitting code to land in gecko (e.g. phabricator) this will change so that the PR is created when the code is submitted for review, so that upstream test results are available before landing (see next point).

* Upstream CI jobs run on PRs originating from gecko repositories. Previously we skipped upstream travis jobs on pushes we landed, occasionally causing breakage as a result. Now these jobs are run on all our pushes and the original bug should get a notification if the jobs fail.

* Notifications of notable changes introduced by upstream PRs. In particular we will add a comment when tests that used to pass start to not pass, when there are crashes or disabled tests, and for new tests that fail. This notification happens in the bug for the sync, but there is already an issue open to move things that obviously require attention (e.g. crashes) into their own bug.

If you notice problems with the sync, please file an issue [1] or complain in #wpt-sync on irc. The project team consists of:

* jgraham and maja_zf (development, primary contacts)
* AutomatedTester (project management)

Issues are not unanticipated at this time, so thanks in advance for your patience as we work out the kinks in the system.


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