Starting from Firefox 60, I'd like to enable <div> as default paragraph separator of contenteditable/designMode editor by default even in release channel.

When user typing Enter key in editing host (or body in designMode), Firefox 59 and earlier insert <br> element. However, the other browsers insert <div> element (and wraps current line with <div> too). This is declared by execCommand spec (Unofficial draft):

We've already enabled this behavior on Nightly and Early Beta since Firefox 55:

And now, we don't have confirmed regression reports which we haven't worked on. Additionally, once we use same behavior with the other browsers in this major difference, new web services could becomes not supporting our current behavior. That means ESR users may become not to be able to use such web services. Therefore, I'd like to enable this before shipping ESR 60.

The bug is:

Note that even if some web services have trouble with new our behavior, they can take the old behavior with inserting this line:

document.execCommand("defaultParagraphSeparator", false, "br");

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