Summary: The Enterprise Policies manager is a feature to allow
administrators to configure and lock some aspects of Firefox across several
machines in an enterprise deployment.
We intend to enable it right now so that it rolls out normally through the
beta cycle, where we'll gather feedback from system administrators.
The target release for this feature is ESR 60.

The policy engine itself went through architectural and security review,
and each individual policy has been reviewed by an owner/peer of the
specific feature that it controls, with automated tests and manual QA being
done for every policy.

The feature will be available on Release but, to prevent abuse, a few
critical policies will only be allowed to be used on ESR installations.

When the feature is in use, a notice (to the end user) in about:preferences
will be displayed, as well as en entry in about:support.

Related bugs:
- Bug to enable it by default:
- Tracking bug for all the tasks related to shipping it:
- Tracking bug for all the policies wanted for 60:

Platform: Desktop
Target release: Firefox 60
Preference: None
DevTools bug: N/A
web-platform-tests: N/A
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