Hello dear Firefox development community!

As a fond user of the "subscribe to this page" button I sadly acknowledge to 
see the deprecation of navigator.registerContentHandler().

I'm not here to grouse about it, but rather inquire about any plans to have a 
user-friendly possibility for adding content handlers (other than editing 
Being stuck with "live bookmarks" and "my yahoo" as a default may be enough for 
some users, but I'd rather use my own.

A mechanism I'd like to propose:
The pull-down for the subscription page already allows to choose an application 
on the client's file system; could we supply another entry to add a web 
I'd appreciate that!

In general, I find the current state of the "subscribe" page lacking quite some 
explanations. For example, if I select a local application for feed 
subscription what arguments will be passed?
At least a link for further reading would help immensely, adding a "what is 
this?" to the page for some context about Web-Feeds could be quite helpful as 
Users without prior knowledge about Web-Feeds might benefit from it, especially 
when they explore Firefox's customization features.

Also, could we maybe include these content handlers in the data synced with 
Firefox Accounts? It's rather discomforting to add the three lines of 
properties to about:config manually to every profile I create.

best regards,

PS: I'm sorry if this post violates any posting guidelines, I'm not accustomed 
to newsgroups.
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