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> We intend to ship a process-level sandbox for the NPAPI Flash plugin on
> macOS in 61. This will provide a degree of process isolation at the expense
> of some lesser-used Flash functionality[1]. You can enable the sandbox now
> on Nightly, globally for all sites, by setting
> dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox-level.flash=1 and restarting the browser[2].
> Before this rides the trains, we intend to offer a per-site opt-out UI. But
> we will enable this on Nightly by default earlier to get early feedback.

The Mac Flash sandbox is
​now ​
enabled by default on Nightly.


> If you run Firefox on Mac and depend on any Flash sites, please give the
> site a try with the sandbox enabled. And if you encounter any issues,
> please file bugs blocking bug 1433577[3].
> Thanks,
> Haik
> 1. Flash applets that attempt to write to the filesystem will be impacted
> because the plugin process has limited write access. Adobe Air installs
> triggered by Flash applets will no longer work. Printing to PDF or
> postscript, and Open in Preview from the print dialog does not work. No
> issues have been found with any Flash games.
> 2. The same pref is used on Windows, but the numerical levels are not
> comparable or related in any way to the Mac version.
> 3. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1433577
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