imo, you really need to add a pref to cover this (I'm not saying make it
opt-in, just preffable.). It will break something somewhere and at least
you can tell that poor person they can have compat back via config.

It also has a very small possibility of breaking enterprises or something
we would discover late, and we would want to be able to push a pref to fix

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 9:13 AM, Tom Schuster <> wrote:

> Summary: All FTP subresources in HTTPs pages (this also includes blob:
> etc) will be blocked. Opening FTP links as toplevel documents is still
> possible.
> Bug:
> Platform coverage: All
> Target release: Firefox 61 (this already landed, but we forgot to send
> this, sorry!)
> Preference behind which this will be implemented: None
> Is this feature enabled by default in sandboxed iframes: Yes, enabled
> everywhere
> DevTools bug: None
> Do other browser engines implement this?
> Chrome shipped in M62?
> web-platform-tests: No
> Secure contexts: n/a
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